Free Food Reviews

Often, people at the office give me free food to review. This includes sleeves of pop tarts that their children did not like, off-brand snacks and breakfast items. These reviews are random, of items that I choose, and I receive no compensation other than the consumption value for said items. 

Recently, I tried the Kellog’s brand Pop-Tarts Cinnamon Bun flavor and texted my review to my coworker. She gave them to me because her son did not like them because of the lack of candy topping. 

There is a definite lack of candy topping. This lack requires that the tart be popped to the exact temperature of the sun in order to heat the filling, thus crusting the drizzle to molten lava. 

Aesthetically, the tart has the outer appearance of a fake cinnamon bun usually covered by the aforementioned topping. Molten lava does have a pleasing taste of cinnamon and a hint of apple. While the crust maintains its drywall texture with the ability to stick to the roof of your mouth. Overall score: 8.5 on the 10 point popped-tart scale.