About Janet

Janet started RaisedByAVillage.Com in 2011 as an expression of caregiving and sharing while she and her husband cared for his mother during her last months with dementia.

After that, the site took a backseat to graduate school, mission trips to the Philippines,  South Korea and Cambodia, and forays back into farmlife.

Now, Janet still volunteers with the United Methodist Women, is a public speaker promoting missions, works fulltime, tends to animals on the farm, sews, and makes soap.

Sharing stories from the village is a natural part of the soul. Some stories are funny, some are just another day, and some are a look back into times that shaped who she is today.

Do you love reading our stories?  Click the “Goat Fence Fund” link below to donate to the latest goat fence fund!

Goat Fence Fund

Other sites:

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