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Never Alone

Two years ago,  while visiting my aunt and uncle,  I had the pleasure of sitting with my uncle and we watched YouTube videos of Il Divo.  I love men’s harmonic voices and this foursome won my heart.  

My uncle passed away a few months after that visit due to a massive heart attack.   His love of music and those  times we spent talking are memories I carry with me.   He gave me a glimpse of my late mother that I never knew by sharing stories from his childhood.  

Tonight,  my commute home was longer than normal due to heavy traffic.   Someone loaned a few CDs to me and one happened to be Il Divo.   She claimed Il Divorce to be an acquired taste and seemed surprised when I told her that I happen to love the quartet.   During the traffic jam, I heard the song You’ll Never Walk Alone.   Tears sprang to my eyes and I saw my uncle sitting at the computer saying,  “Listen to the words.   Do you know how true they are?”

Last night,  I spoke to a group of ladies about the Ubuntu Explorer Journeys with the United Methodist Women and our trip last year to the Philippines. Afterward,  I sat with few of the women and one of them asked, “weren’t you ever afraid?”   I replied,  “sure,  there were times of uncertainty. Oddly enough,  I was most afraid that they would leave me.”   She asked,  “What would you have done?   Seriously,  what would you have done?”   I said,  “They were never going to leave me.  We were never alone.”   In that moment, when I spoke those words, I believed that  I truly understood the truth:  God never leaves us and we are never alone.   Sometimes doubt,  fear and racing thoughts invade our psyche to the point of breaking.   And then,  like a candle in the darkness,  light fills the space and hope begins to grow. 

To my uncle,  thank you for the memory of a song of hope.