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Mía and the wonderful world of “Kitty Caps”

On Halloween night, a tail-less kitten landed in our recycling bin.  I took it to the vet a few days later and “Bob” was actually “Mía”.  Seems that I can tell you the gender of puppies, but not kittens. 

Mía was scheduled to be spayed in December and by then, she completed her mission of charming Jim and found a warm spot to sleep at night.

Our vet’s office staff fell in love with Mía, saying that she is One of the sweetest kittens they’ve ever met.  She awoke from anestesia purring and wanting attention.  Keeping her calm for 10 days post-op was a challenge.  Now, she is completely healed, running at full speed and is growing like a weed. 

Her claws have become like light saber razor blades.  We refuse to declaw her; she has great hunting potential and she must pull her own weight.  Until the spring, while she spends most time indoors, we must also protect our hands and the dogs’ sanity…so, we applied “Kitty Caps” the vinyl glue-on nail tips for her front paws.  Amazing product.  Paws down . 


She doesn’t mind them at all and can even climb trees with them in place. 

The dogs are happier because she’s not sticking them when she waves her paws at them.  And it’s funny to hear her tip-toeing through the house. 


Note: the above post is my own opinion and independent review of a product for which I have received no compensation.

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