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Mushrooms & Gourds.


It’s almost fall.   Graduate School is in full swing having completed 2/5 of the fall semester.   Upon my return home from the class weekend,  Jim proudly showed-off the first two mushrooms from the shitake mushroom patch.   This is indeed exciting because it’s been over 5 months since cutting the tree and inoculating the freshly cut logs. 




Birdhouse Gourds have reached their maximum size and have been harvested,  set out for their 6-month drying time and labeled with the harvest date. 


Mia the Cat has even volunteered her services as “Gourd Guard Cat”.   She states that it’s the least she can do as repayment for a warm bed,  ample varmint chasing opportunities and canned food.  


It’s also important to sweep the chimney…

Next weekend,  we’re (my brother and I) walking in our 6th 5k of the year.  


So,  now you’re caught up.   Here’s the question to ponder until my next post: How do you describe the blue of the ocean to a blind man? 

Your thoughts?

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