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Begging Goats

The good news is that my hand isn’t broken…just bruised in a little hand-to-goat-horn contact. As I wrapped my hand in an ice compress, I realized that teaching the goats to stand on their hind legs for treats wasn’t such a good idea after all. Now, when I walk into the pasture, they think I have treats and when I don’t give them out fast enough, Rita Rudner stands on her hind legs and puts her front hooves on my back. 

Yesterday, I pushed her away and she stood up again. I pused her again and my hand caught her horn instead of her shoulder. 

Goats head-butt each other at full speed,  and my attempts to brush her away did little to deter her advances. Rita Rudner is the same goat who smiles at us when prompted. It’s a strange little quirk that she started last week.  

My hand will feel better in a few days. 

It’s just another day on the farm. 

Your thoughts?

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