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American Ninja Goats

I admit it, I watch American Ninja Warrior on television. There is skill, training, dedication and hard-work that these folks demonstrate on national television. There are gyms across the country that teach people to master the skills necessary to compete. The website to submit an application to compete on the show is impressive in itself.
For me, racing against the clock to jump onto plexiglass walls over pools of water is quite foreign. I spent years balancing on rocks crossing icy creeks in the winter and dodging steaming piles of cow manure in the pastures of hot, humid summers. Yet, devoting hours each week to mastering an obstacle course never really crossed my mind.

However, our goats love climbing.They attempt to climb trees, hay bales, and they even like to stand on the donkeys’ backs. To amuse them, Jim built a goat tree house / obstacle course, worthy of the American Ninja Warrior contestants. Now, they spend hours jumping on the boards and knocking each other off.  We lack the television crew to film their antics, but their dismounts are medal-worthy!

Your thoughts?

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