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Betty White Escapes

Breaking News: 

Famed goat, Betty White, escaped from the pasture today. Standing just on the other side of the electric fence, in the dark, Betty White was located where her 8 goat friends and two donkeys pondered how she made it across three strands of electrified fencing. 

Three feral barn cats, Soot, Tink and Peter Pan, watched from the barn as the farmer and #farmher tried multiple attempts to lure Betty White to the gate so she could join her 4-legged companions.

She was so quick. She jumped over a rope used as a fake fence, ate a bowl of grain and 3 apple treats. Betty White, a 9 month old alpine boer mix goat, weighing roughly 60 pounds and proudly flicking her pointy horns, finally fell to capture as Jim, the farmer, grabbed her trying to

flee once again. Holding tightly to her horns, the farmher fashioned a harness around her neck and nose only to discover that the dog collars were too large for Betty White’s demur neck. Jim held tightly to the screaming goat in the dark, hoisted her and gently walked her through the gate where she was greeted by her herd. Ten minutes passed before Betty White acknowledged the capture claiming she didn’t know how she ended up on the other side of the fence. Dazed, she refused to join the others in a midnight snack of grass and water. Just wait til Sunday,  it’s time for another round of shots. She’s going to be really ticked!!

Reporting live from the pasture after a full day at the office and commuting home in traffic, Janet (aka the farmher of the story). This post pre-empted the previously scheduled post “Goat Broker” which has now been rescheduled to next week. 

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