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Jake’s Gotcha Day

A few weeks ago, a neighbor stopped by and asked, “is this your dog? He was chasing cars!” She held out this wriggling brown scruffy dog who wagged his tail.  “No, Scooby is right here” I replied.  She said, “well, I can’t take him home, I have two dogs there who would attack him.”

We took photos of him, each posted them on Facebook, checked missing dog sites, and asked the neighbors. Earlier that morning, I noticed a strange car driving out of a pasture.  Most likely, someone dumped the dog. It happens in the country. It infuriates me when people get puppies, only to dump them as adolescents or older dogs.

The next day, no one claimed a missing dog, and the local vet did not recognize him. He didn’t have a micochip. The vet tech expressed an interest in him, then suddenly, 5 people expressed interest in adopting little Jake with others telling me that we should keep him. My years of volunteering with the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue kicked-in…I began assessing him and the best possible home for him. He marked, so, I put a belly band on him.

He had no manners, so we worked on commands of “Sit” and “Come”. He and Scooby played, but he was rougher than my senior boy could really handle.

He failed the “cat-scan” and thought Mia the cat was great to chase. But he was shaping up to be a decent farm dog. The donkeys were fascinated by him and the goats just ran in the opposite direction.

Jim started to like the little guy, but also expressed concern about Scooby really preferring to be an only dog.

How to choose the right home? The vet tech decided it was not the right time to get a dog. Another lady was in the middle of selling her home. The next family in line had been looking for a dog for over a year. They drove an hour to meet Jake, and he loved on them immediately. His spiffy new haircut made him look like a new dog.

Details worked-out, plans made, and Jake went home with his new family. Yes, we were a little sad to see him leave the farm. I informed the 5th family that Jake was adopted, and they were saddened and even a little upset that they were not Jake’s new family. Jim and I made the best decision for Jake’s new home, and he will be a good dog for this loving family.

My best animals have been strays…those unloved 2nd hand animals who missed-out on the right home the first time. Mia showed up in our recycling bin on Halloween night as an 8 week old kitten 4 years ago. Scooby appeared matted an dehydrated in the garden 6 years ago. BiBi died in March of kidney failure at the age of 14 and lived her whole life with us. Dogs are integral in our lives. The right dog comes along for each of us at the right time. Jake reminded me to be careful running through the yard lest I trip and sprain my thumb; I tripped while chasing him as he was chasing a chicken in the back yard and landed on my thumb. We don’t know Jake’s history, but we were able to give him a home for a few weeks where he could be loved on his way to his fur-ever home.

Since Jake’s adoption, he’s been visited by their extended family, featured in snapchats, social media and is learning to LOVE car rides.  He is loved beyond words by his new mom, sister and brother.  He sleeps through the night and has discovered a love of squeaky toys. He is smart and learning to obey his pack leader.  Hearing about the joy he gives brings tears to my eyes.

To find local animals available for adoption in your area, search, contact your local animal shelter, humane society, or breed specific rescue.

Your thoughts?

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