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Status check: It’s a Girl

It’s a Girl!! Rita Rudner delivered a beautiful black and white spotted 3 pound kid. She is adorable. Now, we need a name for her. I walked outside to take a photo of ZsaZsa-Noel on top of a hay bale,  and I saw something near Rita at the water bucket. I ran inside yelling, “we’ve got a new baby goat!!”

Last night, Jim asked, “How are the goats?”

I replied, “Julie Andrews, Betty White, Rita Rudner and Vera Wang are all still pregnant.”

“How are the donkeys?”

“Ney’s nose is healing from where his brother Pete bit him.”

“How many barn cats showed up tonight?”

“Just Soot and Tink. I think Peter Pan found better food elsewhere.”

“How was work?”

“Good. I wrote a nested IF (AND (OR statement that made people cringe.  How was your day?”

This my friends is a typical conversation for us. 

And I answer typical questions from others like

Q: “So Janet, how many eggs does a chicken lay?”

A: Usually one per day depending on the breed and age.

“Why do you have goats?”

A: I like goats. They manage the pastures so I don’t have to mow.

“Why do you have donkeys?”

A: to protect the goats and to eat grass. They make me laugh.

“Why haven’t you put up new pictures of the baby goat?”

A: Daylight standard time.

“Do you sell pineapples? ”

A: I live closer office than I do to the equator. 

“Can you write are formula to calculate……..?”

A: probably. Let’s talk about your request 

So I don’t only talk about goats, but sometimes the conversation just returns to farm topics. 

And yes, when I display pictures of kids, they have 4 legs. 

Your thoughts?

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