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Foxy Brown – Part 1

Most husbands walk through the door after work expecting to be greeted by the sounds of a spouse, dog(s), or kids. My husband, on occasion has been greeted by the sound of a goat kid, screaming in discomfort. Tonight was that night. I discovered one of our 9 month old female goats, named Foxy Brown standing in the pasture, in shock and bleeding from the neck. Hastily, I lifted her to the wheelbarrow and took her to the house. Although she only weighs about 50 pounds, she’s sturdy enough that I did not want to haul her from the barn to the house if I could avoid it.

At the back door, I hoisted her in my arms and put her on the rug in the back hallway. Her temperature was 2 degrees below normal. I wrapped her in a towel, and gave her a dose of Vitamin B, Vitamins A, E & D and a broad spectrum antibiotic. I cleaned the small square puncture and applied Aluminum Bandage, a spray for animal wounds.

She rested a few hours, then stood, shook her head, peed on my rug (again for the 3rd time), and seemed to want to go outside. After a bit of discussion, Jim recommended putting her back in the barn near the others. I could only imagine her tale if she could talk, “and then I awoke in 73 degree weather in the light … but it wasn’t the sun.”

We’ll see how she is tomorrow.

Life on the farm.

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